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Emil Castagnier

Tree jokes may go here [Active/Open]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, open
Setting: Heavy Room, Ira
Time: Night 14
Summary: Emil runs into the mistletoe. Oh, boy.
Warnings: None yet, unless the usual slightly rushed writing somehow bordering on TL;DR/DotNW spoilers count.

Emil always felt nervous around the attic, and he surveyed it anxiously as he climbed out of the attic and into Ira. It wasn't a place of good memories. He'd woken up there twice now with barely any idea what was going on, and one of those times had happened because the hellhounds had gotten him right there in the attic. If he thought about it too much he could still envision those last moments--but he tried not to dwell on it too long. It wasn't exactly something he wanted to relive if he could help it; those times had already crept into his dreams when he slept. The hellhounds and occasionally that little girl had joined Richter in Emil's infrequent but still-occurring dreams.

No. Emil had had enough of the house already, the attic especially. Really, he just wanted to go home more than ever now. He was scared. With how dangerous the monsters here could be, that even his Ratatosk Mode side couldn't always beat them, he was starting to wonder why he hadn't gotten in so much trouble before. He didn't know what went on in this place, how you could die and be brought back to life again, but that didn't really seem right. People who died were supposed to stay dead! He wished it otherwise, but that wasn't the way life and death were supposed to work.

That time the house had disappeared his whole experience here had seemed like a strange dream, but more and more he was realizing that this place was literally becoming his nightmares. And for all his searching, all his hope, he hadn't gotten anywhere as far as finding a way out was concerned. All Emil had managed to do was to get himself killed. He hadn't really grown at all. In some ways he wondered if that wasn’t a bad thing, because if his other self got too powerful and lost his temper...it hadn’t happened yet, but Emil was afraid it would.

He still didn’t remember much about being Ratatosk, but Emil still remembered very well how he’d hated humans and half-elves for destroying the tree he was meant to protect, and planned to kill them. He didn’t want that to happen. So he had to be strong enough to survive and find a way home (and strength alone wouldn’t be enough for that either), but not strong enough to hurt anybody if he were to get out of control. Was that even possible?

Almost as if in answer, he stopped moving. The sudden halt broke Emil out of his thoughts and he tried to start walking about him. He couldn't. He tried to step to the side, but didn't get far. The same with the other side. Attempting to go backward yielded similar results. He was stuck in this spot somehow, trapped just by the very place that still haunted his sleep. Were the hellhounds going to come again? Oh, no.

"Hello?" Emil called out, trying to keep himself from panicking. "Is anybody there?" The chance that somebody did happen to be around probably wasn't very good, but it was worth a try and maybe if he was caught in a trap somebody else could release it. Had he ever encountered traps before? Emil couldn't remember. "I don't think I can get out of here!" he called again, praying for somebody who might care to hear him.
Tags: !night 014, #ghosts, *ira, emil castagnier (tales of symphonia)
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