Edward Elric (failed_alchemy) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Edward Elric

Everything in Life is Location, Location, Location [Complete]

Characters: Edward Elric, anyone else who wants to drop in.
Setting: The Grand Room
Time: Day 002, Late Afternoon
Summary: Edward debates where he should stay for sunset...
Warnings:  Ed's mouth, as usual.

The note was gone.

The note he had placed on the piano had disappeared. Not that it was especially surprising; he had left it in plain sight. Someone else must have picked it up. Good riddance, really. The thing was unsettling.

And this...this room was where it had started, for him. Where all the construction was going on the night before. Where those...those things had tried to grab him, and he had taken sanctuary in a bathroom of all places. Not that it wasn't clean, and there was ample water, but...it had just felt odd to be holed up in a bathroom. A creepy one, filled with dolls. Didn't you normally put those in a room of their own? Not a bathroom?

Regardless...it seemed to finally be getting late in the day. Another night approaching. That bathroom had been safe last time...but would it be the same this time?

He didn't want to be alone except for Sasori and Nataku again. Nataku hadn't been so bad, but Sasori...

The thought of the man made Edward shudder. He was just too damn creepy. Like Barry the Chopper creepy. And he didn't want to be in the guy's company long enough to test that theory.

So the question remained...

Where should he go? What places would be safe...?
Tags: !complete, !day 002, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), courtney crumrin (courtney crumrin), edward elric (fullmetal alchemist)
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