Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Practice Makes Perfect [Active, Closed]

Characters: Rayne, Namine
Setting: Atiic
Time: Night 002
Summary: Rayne teaches Namine how to throw sharp pointy objects.
Warnings: Rayne exists. Namine is cute.

Sensing nightfall as it started to approach, Rayne did her best to try and make good on her earlier note to herself. She was going to teach Namine something about weapons, before either of them had a chance to wander around the house after nightfall. Hurrying to find the girl and make it up to the attic, since it had more than enough adequate space without high chances of interruption, Rayne didn't bothering lingering in any rooms along the way. Some instinct was telling her to get to high ground, and she wasn't going to ignore it.

Flicking the light switch as they entered the attic, the room's shadows mostly disappearing as the sun finished sinking below the horizon, Rayne slung her cloak over a large truck nearby, one hand working at something at the many items at her thighs. "Here." She offered, unhooking the holster which held three steel throwing knives. "This should be able to circle around your arm with a little modification."
Tags: !complete, !night 002, naminé (kingdom hearts), rayne (bloodrayne)
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