Ange Ushiromiya (cagedfate) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Ange Ushiromiya

let this circle be broken [active/open]

Characters: Ange Ushiromiya, Allison, open
Setting: Twisted Hallway
Time: Night 019
Summary: Ange meets one of the house's less hostile ghosts. Cute and plot follows.

The house was certainly strange, even more than Ange had initially expected it to be. The time schedule was one that no man would follow, with day lasting for what have been for several days. There were several bedrooms, all decorated in strange was, and two kitchens that were fully stocked with what seemed to be an endless supply of food. She'd hesitated to take any of it at first, though not out of concern for the owner's feelings; rather, she was concerned that it might be poisoned or worse, but had eventually caved, even going so far as to claim a bedroom for herself.

But for as strange as the previous week--or day, she supposed--had been, the night was proving to be even stranger. Things that couldn't have (didn't) exist were showing themselves now, or otherwise things that should have been human were acting in a monstrous manner. Upon trying to retreat to her room she had found the hallway to be occupied by nurses carrying blunt weapons. They looked human enough from the back, but trying to cautiously approach them had been met with the realization that not only did they lack faces, but also that the pipes and pokes they carried with them weren't just for show.

Though that reaction had still been better than some of the responses she'd gotten back home.

The remainder of the second floor had proven to be no better, with the illusion of faeries existing in a room befittting them and a pair of yellow eyes peering out of another. Something--instinct, perhaps--had kept her from venturing inside to see what they belonged to. On the plus side, the bedroom seemed to be empty, albeit the voluptuous women camping outside of the room, which was designed in such a way that it didn't even possess a lock to keep intruders out, were far from comforting.

In complete contrast with the second hallway, what she had seen of the first floor seemed oddly...quiet. Too quiet, in fact, and that was something that Ange didn't like. She kept one hand pressed against the wall for support as she moved along the hallway, looking around every few seconds. She was hardly an uncoordinated person, but right now she felt as though her feet might just slip from right out under her. Between that and the ever present risk of running into more of those nurses, Ange found herself wanting to get out of the hallway as soon as possible.
Tags: !night 019, #ghosts, #the lanternkeeper, *acedia, ange ushiromiya (umineko)
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