Augustus Sinclair (businessfella) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Augustus Sinclair

I am in misery [active/closed]

Characters: Sinclair and Delta
Setting: Hallways and the blue kitchen
Time: Night 019
Summary: The two guys look around the house for food and have a run in with an unpleasant visitor.
Warnings: Mild language.

Sinclair found himself listening to his footsteps as he walked down the empty halls. The entire place was just so quiet unless you were lucky enough to get to run into others.

Well, of course, Sinclair was also accompanied by his friend from Rapture, Delta. His silence provided an odd kind of company. He also wasn't sure if if Delta would consider him the same as he did of Delta. Hey, a friend could be a business partner. No one said they couldn't. Plus, the big guy was with him, so it was really as close to a friend as Sinclair's definition got.

"This place can just be all sorts of off." He spoke, knowing Delta was the only one to listen at the moment. "Lookit this place. Fancier than a king's abode but still creepier than Persephone on it's happiest nights." The southern sighed, scratching the back of his neck. The marble made his eyes wander, wondering if anyone ever lived in the place before a bunch of random folks such as themselves took residence. The quiet hallways made it even easier to hear Sinclair's stomach growl. "There's gotta be a kitchen 'round here somewhere, right?"
Tags: !night 019, augustus sinclair (bioshock), subject delta (bioshock)
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