Lucrecia Crescent (motherofdiscord) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Lucrecia Crescent

I will Feed you

Characters: Lucrecia, Machi
Setting: Blue Kitchen
Time: Day 19
Summary: Lu fails at not being a mommy.
Warnings: Machi smells your blood

She had never been much of a cook. Sure, give her a chemical formula or a genetic sample and she would have it broken down in a few hours and could show you the individual parts.

But making something for human consumption? Well, she really hadn't spent all that time in school to be a stay at home mother with the requisite amount of kids and a husband who came home from a hard day at work expecting a full meal and a glass of something hard.

She was rather opposed to the idea in general. She was more than just her ovaries and ability to reproduce, despite the tiny wrapped bundle currently strapped between her breasts.

But failing at cooking or not, Lucrecia could manage a sandwich and a can of soup, and it would have to do her until she managed to find someone who could cook.

She hummed faintly, stiring the soup in the pot.

Really, during the day, this place could be almost pleasant.
Tags: !day 019, *acedia, lucrecia crescent (final fantasy vii), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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