Nina Tucker (imtoocutetodie) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Nina Tucker

It's the wrong kind of place (Open/Active)

Characters: Nina, chaos
Setting: West Parlor
Time: Day 19
Summary: Nina and chaos meet again

Her hands were steady on the page, more comfortable with the grip on the pencil than they had been when she got here.

The drawing was still childish, at least in it's structure, if not the content. Two monsters holding hands, quietly looking at her.

She didn't know why she was drawing it, just that it was the path her brain had taken when she'd thrown herself down on the floor in the parlor, humming faintly under her breath. There were other scribbles. A pack of mean looking dogs, heads down, ears pricked forward in alertness. The outline of an unfinished face, as though she had started and couldn't finish, just eyes staring soulfully out of the page.

At the bottom of the page it looked like she'd gone crazy with the red crayon, leaving everything on the page tinted faintly red.

She hummed faintly as she worked, legs swinging in the air, tune familiar for any who had encountered the Mother's Ghost.

Nina was waiting for someone to find her. She knew she was waiting, she just wasn't sure who she was waiting for.
Tags: !day 019, *acedia, chaos (xenosaga), nina tucker (fullmetal alchemist)
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