Sesshoumaru (crescentdemon) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Unknown Scenery, Active, Open

Characters: Sesshoumaru, Rue
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Night 19
Summary: A wild Sissy Sesshoumaru appears! Wtfery ensues.
Warnings: Monsters are likely. Also a lot of hair admiration.

Sesshoumaru was, and as much as he hated to admit it, tired.

You couldn't exactly blame him. After all, he'd been journeying for a long time, and his latest escapade with Kagura hadn't helped. He hated admitting to himself that he mourned her death, because it just didn't appear seemly. She'd been Naraku's servant, she'd had no heart, and she'd probably just had an obsession with his hair. Nonetheless, he still regretted that he hadn't been able to save her. It seemed almost like a betrayal by Tenseiga.

It was the next day now, and even Rin and Jaken knew something was wrong. While he normally carried himself upright, with muscles slightly relaxed, he seemed tense and worried. And while he'd always been silent, he had yet to speak a single word. It was worrisome.

With the sun setting fast in the west, evening was approaching - a time when Rin and Jaken shouldn't be traveling. Sesshoumaru stopped, finally breaking his long silence. "We'll camp here."

While Rin and Jaken ran off to look for wood for a fire, Sesshoumaru looked up at the fiery sky. Streaks of rich orange and purple ran the arch of it. If Kagura was still alive, and if she'd managed to finally break free of Naraku, she'd still be alive to fly in the sky she loved.

I'm being sentimental.

Rolling his shoulders to loosen them up, Sesshoumaru took a few steps forward - only to, for the first time since, well, ever, trip on the edge of the long piece of fur he always kept draped around his shoulders.

Well, it had to happen eventually.

Falling forwared, Sesshoumaru sput out his hand to catch his fall - and felt it, instead, come in contact with hard floor as opposed to the slightly springy ground. It was suddenly a lot darker, too.

Hating that he'd tripped, and secretly hoping no one had seen him lose his composure, Sesshoumaru stood, wondering what had happened. Looking around, all he could see was darkness, although his keen eyes could pick out objects within it - a small table, a chair, some pictures hanging on a wall.

he could sense something was wrong. Narrowing his eyes, Sesshoumaru took a few steps forward.
Tags: !incomplete, #hellhounds, #monsters, *acedia, rue (princess tutu)
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