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A mad tea party! [Open/Active]

Characters: Watanuki, Break
Setting: Blue Kitchen, possibly moving to the doll bathroom.
Time: Night 019, after Sure Hope You've Learned Your Lesson.
Summary: Break and Watanuki, fucking up your kitchen since 2009! Also a dolly tea party and truth beetles. This thread may close in the future.
Warnings: Possibility of beetles being unpleasant and beetle-y with lots of blood.

Break had gotten rid of Mello as quickly as he could manage; it was probably some irresponsible form of sweeping it all under the rug, but that was fine. It wasn't as if Mello would be of any more use tonight, since he hadn't gotten the note yet. Break would probably do well to call off the ghost hunt tonight anyway; if something happened to Break and he was unable to get to the attic before Ciel reawakened, the boy would probably wander off on his own and die again.

So Break was waiting with a pot of tea, something herbal and citrusy, soothing on the throat. He probably would look more than a little mad to anyone who dropped in; he had put out two place settings, and the other one was occupied by a doll, perched on a pile of flour sacks.

"Would you like some more, Vanessa?" he asked, smiling and offering the teapot. It was a pretty little thing with long black hair and an elaborate dress, pilfered from the bathroom down the hall. She was no Emily, mind you-- in fact, she had a nasty habit of casting some sort of spell when he turned away-- but he didn't know where Ciel had hidden Emily, and even a badly behaved doll was better company than that incessant whispering in his head.

"Yes please," Vanessa answered in falsetto. (It had only seemed appropriate to name the little backstabber after a Nightray.) "Two lumps of sugar!"
Tags: !night 019, *acedia, kimihiro watanuki (xxxholic), xerxes break (pandora hearts)
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