Subject Delta (not_amonster) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Subject Delta

A million points of light [Active/OPEN]

Characters: Subject Delta, Sinclair, OPEN.
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom.
Time: Day 20.
Summary: Delta gives into sleep and exhaustion. Sleep for him results in nightmares, as usual, which wake him up.
Warnings: None.

It was a bitter struggle to stay awake during the last few days of night. He succumbed to sleep multiple times during the darkness, but stayed up for what felt like days at a time. Sunlight was a welcome thing, and eventually it did flicker over the mansion.

Delta believed it was safer to sleep in daylight. He was told day was safer. Despite the fact that he hated sleep due to the frightening dreams, he desired rest. The bulky brute plopped into the bed and shut his eyes. No, it wasn't exactly comfortable to sleep in his suit, but he didn't really have a choice in the matter.

Some time passed before he finally lapsed into sleep. Delta's peaceful rest didn't last long. Eventually he began tossing and turning. Faint growls were also heard rumbling from the man's large chest. The growls slowly decayed into near animalistic whines. Yeah, it sounded like a whale was being beaten in there.
Tags: !day 020, *acedia, augustus sinclair (bioshock), subject delta (bioshock)
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