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Dead or Alive? [Active/Ask]

Characters: Machi, Mello
Setting: Public Restrooms
Time: Day 020
Summary: Mello very unexpectedly runs into the Ghost of the Public Restrooms.
Warnings: Mello likes to swear... also Machi. Possibly awkward and/or creepy?

Things were back to normal at last-- if anything that had to do with the house actually could be considered normal-- and Mello wasn't sure he could have been more relieved about it. Not only was the beetle infestation finally gone, but he felt completely fine again as well. The nausea that had come with vomiting up beetle larvae was finally going away, and he'd started eating normally again; he was no longer acting unnaturally or unwillingly honest, either, and he wasn't hearing his voice whispering his own secrets in his mind every time he tried to think. He felt as though his mind was entirely his own again, though he had no clue how long that would last before the house decided to pull something else, and he'd decided to celebrate by going into the Observatory-- where there was fucking air conditioning-- and sleeping before anything else.

He'd forgotten how easy it was to sleep when nothing was whispering inside your head. It was almost wonderful, and for some time, he didn't want to do anything else. Thus, the only reason he was actually willing-- though very reluctant-- to get up and leave the Observatory was to use the bathroom. He didn't normally use the Public Restrooms nearly as much as he did the other, considerably nicer ones because not only were they much less pleasant in general, but he also really disliked that mirror in the Public Restrooms. However, it were by far the closest bathroom to the Observatory, and he was damn tired, so he chose to go there. He wasn't even sure he was entirely awake when he entered the bathroom. But... then again, did it really matter?
Tags: !day 020, *acedia, machi tobaye (ace attorney), mello (death note)
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