Michael Scofield (01scofield_m) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Michael Scofield

Characters: Michael Scofield OPEN.
Setting: The Entrance Hall.
Time: Day 20
Summary: Just arrived..
Warnings: None.


Michael rubbed his head feeling disorientated. He wasn't sure what had happened, but now he was in a place he'd never seen before. He looked around what he presumed to be an entrance hall. His eye's glanced around, marble floors and ceilings with delicate-looking plaster decorations. Why was the ceiling marble? Ceilings weren't usually constructed of such expensive materials. Unless it was a place of luxury, but even then, a marble ceiling was rare. He looked at it for a few long moments, there had to be a reason for it. Then he saw the  small cherry table on one side, with forget-me-nots in a large white vase. A nice touch, yet the room still looked bare. Not much decoration for the size of the room.

He turned around to face the large door behind him. It was going to be locked. Simply walking out was just too easy. He tried it anyway, just to confirm his theory that the door indeed was locked. He wondered if he could force it open - maybe he could find something to help break it down?

He looked around once more. it was probably best to leave the door alone. If he started trying to force it open, someone would surely hear. He didn't see anyone around, but he very much doubted he was alone. This had to be the work of the company.

"Sara. LJ" He muttered, thinking of the company only reminded him what he'd been doing just a moment ago - or at least he thought it was just a moment ago. He'd just broken out of SONA, and was about to trade Whistler for LJ and Sara.

The company had betrayed him. They'd told him if he broke Whistler out of prison, LJ and Sara would be released. They'd been held hostage to ensure Michael kept up his end of the deal. The company had gone back on their word. They had to be responsible for this.

Michael walked to the table, picking up the vase, taking the flowers out and looking inside, before putting the flowers back inside and replacing the vase on the table. He traced his fingers around the wall. All the time becoming more convinced this was going to be another escape mission.

Deciding he was going to have to escape from here, he took his shirt off, laying it on the floor. He didn't have a pen with him, and there didn't appear to be one lying around. Improvising, he took a flower from the vase, snapping the stem and using the sticky sap to stain his shirt, drawing out an almost blue print like image of the room, with approximate dimensions.

He needed to be able to plan a route before he'd be going anywhere.

Tags: !day 020, *acedia, michael scofield (prison break), subject delta (bioshock)
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