Spencer Reid (eideticagent) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Spencer Reid

Characters: Spencer Reid, OPEN
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Day 20
Summary: Dr. Reid's arrival at the House.
Warnings: None

For the first time in his very eventful life, Dr. Spencer Reid, wasn't precisely sure what was going on. He had perfectly intact memories of the small ordeal that had occurred when he'd tripped into the car the train, but was obviously in perfectly fine condition at the moment. He could not explain the gap, the large gap that must have occurred between the time of his last memory and his present existence in this place, nor could he explain his lack of injury. He was 100% certain, after all, that he didn't somehow trip and fall into in this house...mansion? It certainly seemed like a mansion to Reid.

His surroundings were more rich than he'd ever had the experience of seeing, even when he'd had the chance to meet Emily's mother Ambassador Prentiss. Not that he really appreciated such things. Reid's tastes were pretty much non-existent when it didn't involve some sort of academia. He did however take notice of the very large door. He decided to ease his way over to it.

He was quite sure it was locked. Nothing in his life could have been so simple. But he could check to see if the lock or the door were thick enough to shoot through. He still has his Glock and his revolver on him, but he wasn't about to waste ammo before he knew what was going on. The lock itself seemed too strong to break through. He gave the door a good rap. Not even a hollow sound from the other side. He sighed.

"Dammit," he uttered an uncharacteristic curse. "What have I gotten myself into now?" He propped back against the door, arms folding across his chest and a look of both thought and frustration on his face.
Tags: !day 020, *acedia, michael scofield (prison break), spencer reid (criminal minds)
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