omnomnomsweets (omnomnomsweets) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Breaks and ladders [OPEN/active]

Characters: Break, Syrup, and anyone at all!
Setting: The basement- the unfinished part with the constructiony things
Time: Day 20
Summary: Break is not a carpenter. He has a rabbit. These things happen sometimes.
Warnings: None.

Any vertically challenged residents would have a difficult time of it today; every stepstool and ladder that isn't nailed down had gone missing. An odd crime to be sure, but there was method to Break's madness. That tower in the basement had no doors. It had no windows save the tiny ones at the top, and the walls were too smooth to scale. This was a tower that shouted 'KEEP OUT!' in big bold underlined letters. And the way Break saw it, that was a challenge to get in.

The unfinished workspace of the basement had become a veritable forest of ladders in varying stages of ruin, with their tops torn off or with badly-constructed extra bits nailed on. The floor was littered with various tools, nails, screws, and bits of wood, as well as a few bloodied handkerchiefs-- he was a knight, not a carpenter. There was also a small black rabbit, hiding out in the corners and nibbling on the wood. Break couldn't for the life of him work out why, but the thing seemed quite attached to him; it kept inching closer and had even started chewing on his sleeve before he shooed it off. Apparently it liked him. It seemed oddly familiar, but Break wasn't about to strain himself trying to remember a rabbit when he had work to do.

In any case, the idea was simple; build a very tall ladder out of all these small ladders, hope it doesn't topple over, and climb in through the windows at the top of the tower. The execution? Not quite that easy. He stood back and admired his latest work, which consisted of a library ladder connected to a stepstool at an awkward angle. Beautiful. A few more like this and he'd be sure to fall to his death.
Tags: !day 020, *acedia, mello (death note), xerxes break (pandora hearts)
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