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The earth will drop down into nothing: [active/OPEN]

Characters: Luxa, Minako, Michiru, OPEN LIKE A... THING THAT DOESN'T CLOSE
Setting: Light Bedroom
Time: Night 019
Summary: Luxa goes on a Great Adventure. She finds Minako's bedroom. Chaos ensues.
Warnings: TL;DR OP~

She did not like this house at all.

First being trapped inside a place without light for an uncountable amount of time - that was bad enough, especially when Luxa had finished sleeping and begun to get restless. Then when she had braved the dimming light to try and find sustenance, she had been locked out of her sanctuary by something that she did not care to meet face-to-face.

And now she was wandering around this unfamiliar and lonely place, without any food, without anyone to accompany her, and without even a weapon to fend off things that might come after her.

Luxa slumped on the top step of the stairs into Ira, breathing rather quickly. Perhaps it had not been necessary to run quite so fast across the room, but against a number of assailants, when alone and unarmed - if she intended to survive to get back home, it was best to realize when she could fight back, and when it was better to find shelter.

The women with the weapons had landed a few, well-placed blows on her before she'd been able to escape, and when they combined with the sun's damage, it was a very sore Luxa who took a calming breath and got up. The room these stairs led into seemed almost as dark as the room which she had taken shelter in, and... quite difficult to maneuver in.

This room was unfit both as a place to stay and a place to hide - the way the debris was laid out would make it easy for those seeking her to find her, and difficult for her to escape. Not that the things who'd attacked her were pursuing her (she hoped), but if the Overlander had been telling the truth, then there very well could be more here, and it looked like he had. And Luxa was not going to be trapped in a room to be hunted like an animal.

The hallways looked promising, and Luxa followed them with no small sense of unease - alone, weaponless, she was practically begging for creatures to come and eat her.

She found this a cruel irony, considering how fervently her stomach was protesting. Hopefully she would not have to be subjected to such a ridiculous fate.

The room she stepped into was almost as riddled with miscellany, but it was a kind of messy that Luxa found comforting - there were no very large objects for things to hide behind. Nor for her to use as cover, either, but open space was better than no space at all.

She took another look at the room, just to make sure that there was nothing there that might have enjoyed a taste of her fingers, and noticed an odd flat pinkness in one of the many piles of white powder scattered about the room. It looked... like meat. Very thinly-sliced meat.

Luxa knelt down besides it, pushing back the circlet when it slid back down her forehead. As far as she could see there were no other unexpected bits of food in any other clumps of white - which meant someone would have had to put this here.

Someone who was dragged in like her? Or something from the house?

Her stomach was begging her to just take it, no matter whether or not someone had put it there, but her instinct told her to leave it alone. If someone was here to place it in the cold, wet powder, then Luxa was sure they would return. And if it was something that she'd rather not face...

Well, that was why she was backing up to crouch near the stairs. She had no idea where they led, but an escape route was better than death.
Tags: !night 019, *ira, luxa (the underland chronicles), minako aino (sailor moon)
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