Sonic the Hedgehog (greaterspeed) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Sonic the Hedgehog

Try to reach inside of me, Try to drain my energy [active/open]

Characters: Sonic, some monsters and ANYONE WHO DOESN'T MIND BEING RUN OVER BY HIM
Setting: all over
Time: Night 20, after things go to hell
Summary: Sonic never was one to care about statistics, rules or numbers and what they tried to tell him he couldn't do...
Warnings: none?

Well, this was certainly unexpected. Sonic remembers the days before he learned to run super fast, the days where he tired out just as easily as the next person and could only run for so long. Eggman had used that to his advantage at one point, switching out the shoes that Tails had specially modified for Sonic one time so the blue blur couldn't reach full speed without burning up his feet in the process; that had been quite the adventure. THe hedgehog chuckled at the thought before curling up into a ball to dodge some of the Wallcrawlers trying to reach for him. He let his friend, inertia, carry him down the hall before uncurling and hopping clumsily onto the rails to grind down and away from those monsters.

Too bad I'm so outta shape, huh? Sonic thought as he landed on the main floor, out of breath and high off of adrenaline. He couldn't even come up with his normal quips, because Sonic hadn't noticed exhaustion creeping up on him until he had found himself in a chase. A quick duck into an alcove to hide was the only reason he had managed to make it out of that in one piece. But Sonic is nothing if not resourceful and, so help him, he didn't want to meet his maker tonight. He may not have his usual speed with him, but countless fights with numerous enemies had left Sonic with enough experience to spare. When to wait, when to run and mostly that butterflies were no good. At least, that was what Caliburn had told him and Sonic was inclined to agree; the last time those things had bothered him, he'd run into one too many enemies that he thought were treasure chests.

Speaking of butterflies; a suddenly flurry of gold above his head distracts him from his rest.

"Looks like... It's time to go again." he panted as he adjusted his gloves and shoes. Blue fur was matted down by sweat and his quills weren't nearly as sharp as he was used to, but it was enough. He just had to take it easy, find places to catch his breath and keep his wits about him.

After all, the didn't call him 'Sonic' for nothing.

"Ready? ... Go!"

[ooc: yea, he's just... running around Dollsy right now. 8( Feel free to run into him in the halls or assume he ducked into a room where your guy is chilling out, he's pretty flexible like that]

Tags: !night 020, *moving around, sonic the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog)
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