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Behind Bars [active/closed]

Characters: Ushiromiya Ange, Mello, Ciel Phantomhive, Link, Mai Kawasumi, Rue
Setting: Basement Labs
Time: Day 21, early morning
Summary: The latest batch of experiment victims are brought to the labs' cells as the sun rises. Here, they await their turn for torture.
Warnings: Misery and fear and raeg and general unpleasantness. Unhappy captives. That sort of thing. Probably some cursing. Also, crappy OP.

Everything here was sterile and harsh and hard--linoleum and steel full of unforgiving flat surfaces and sharp corners, almost blinding with the glare of the bright fluorescent lighting overhead. Everything here was white and silver and cold-cold-cold, oppressive with the sharp smell of cleaners heavy in the air. Everything here was desolate, and empty, and almost certainly would have echoed miserably with the phantasm's arrival.... if they had made any sound at all.

Their arrival was silent and solemn, save for any commotion their prisoners made; each had at least two phantasms to "escort" them. Each would find themselves placed into one of a row of cells against the wall, separated from each other by rows of bars just wide enough to squeeze their hands through. Aside from hard benches and metal toilets, the cells were bare, with enough room to lay down in, or pace for a few feet; all of it was quite clinical and spartan, and offered absolutely no privacy whatsoever.

For the most part, the phantasms were as cold and unreadable as the room they brought the prisoners to; those who struggled were restrained with painful force, while those who accepted their fates were carried calmly and gently. Though merciless, they obviously were not overly cruel just yet--they did their job with matter-of-fact precision and objectiveness, allowing as much leeway and consideration as their charges themselves earned. They left just as quietly and seriously as they came, once all of the prisoners were safely locked in, closing the door behind them and leaving the group alone as they went to prepare for the trials ahead.

((OOC: As always, these cage threads are NOT for experimenting--they are for character interaction as the experiment victims await their turns to be experimented on. This thread will likely have no strict posting order, and multiple sub-threads are encouraged to represent different conversations at different points of time. To help keep things moving, the Three Day Rule is in effect; go ahead and keep pushing on if someone's lagging behind would stifle and kill stuff for too long. Questions/concerns/comments/whatever are welcome, but the Phantasms probably won't be posting again in this thread unless specifically needed.))
Tags: !day 021, #phantasms, *acedia, ange ushiromiya (umineko), ciel phantomhive (kuroshitsuji), link (legend of zelda:twilight princess), mai kawasumi (kanon), mello (death note), rue (princess tutu)
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