dollsy_npcs (dollsy_npcs) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

You'll Never Make It [Active/Closed]

Characters: Mello
Setting: Basement Labs
Time: Day 21, early morning
Summary: Mello draws the short straw this time, and is selected for torture.
Warnings: Misery and fear and raeg and general unpleasantness. Unhappy captive. Graphic torture. That sort of thing. Probably some cursing. Also, crappy OP.

Eventually, they came for him.

Though the slow white hours crept and spun out into sterile eternities, they came. They came with no sound, no warning, no hesitation. Two phantasms entered the room and moved to open Mello's cage; one lingered squarely within the doorway, to block any chance of escape.

The other moved deeper inside, ready to seize Mello and pull him out. Run or fight though he might, eventually, it would be sure to corner and capture him.
Tags: !day 021, !mature, !squick, #phantasms, *acedia, mello (death note)
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