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It's the end of the world as we know it [Open/Active]

Characters: Koizumi Itsuki, Larxene
Setting: Maid's Quarters, catacombs, moving through the house
Time: Day 003, early morning
Summary: Larxene, meet Koizumi. Koizumi, meet Larxene.
Warnings: None yet.

Koizumi considered himself a morning person. He loved to wake up to the chirp of birds outside his high-rise window, or the crisp air of an autumn morning, or any number of things that average person would yell at and go back to sleep. This morning, it was the whiskers on his cheek that woke him up. He opened one eye, a bit confused- his apartment complex didn't even allow pets, so what...?
There are a million and one things that Koizumi would love to wake up to, but brown mangy rats simply didn't make the list. He sat bolt upright, his hands feeling frantically for something to hit it with- he certainly wasn't going to touch the filthy thing. The rat seemed at least as startled as he was- it skittered backwards, puffing its fur out in alarm.
"Get out!" he snapped, waving it away. "Shoo! Go away! You're a prey animal, you evolutionarily unfit beast, so stop oggling and run from your predator!"
The rat obeyed, crossing the room and vanishing into the woodchips with terrified chittering. Koizumi kept waving his arms at it until its tail dissappeared, then gave an irritated huff. This house was downright appalling sometimes. And there were woodchips in his hair. This was not a good start to the day. l

He sighed and took a brief survey of his surroundings- the map in progress was scattered on the floor with his scratch paper and various tools. He must have fallen asleep here... it was embarrassing, but he had been working for some time without rest. He'd have to stop earlier next time, if he wanted to sleep in a proper bed in his proper bedroom. This left him feeling filthy, and he had a horrible crick in his neck. He tried to crack it, but something large and leather was in the way. His fingers groped around his throat, trying to figure it out- a collar? Yes. A collar. But why? He wanted to take it off, but there didn't seem to be a fastener anywhere. And how had it gotten there in the first place? Who had put it on him?

Once he saw the cord, his course of action seemed clear. He rose, collected his map and supplies, and dusted the wood shavings off the best he could. As much as he wanted to take a shower- and that was a lot- he really ought to take care of this collar business first. That meant finding the other end.
Tags: !day 003, koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi), larxene (kingdom hearts)
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