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Wouldn't you like to see something strange? (Active, Open)

Characters: Rubedo, Jack Skellington, maybe Sally?
Setting: East Gallery and various
Time: Night 002 (SO BACKLOGGED. T_T)
Summary: Jack (and Sally?) is enjoying the nighttime pretty well. Rubedo, however, isn't having nearly as good a time.
Warnings: Jack is oblivious. Sally is cute. Rubedo is possibly violent.

Their explorations of the house had been interesting, to say the least. It really did look different at night! Why, the shadows had almost seemed to move, but though he'd stopped and said hello--to them, and the man hiding in he fireplace--none of them had answered back, so he had chosen to move on. After all, if they were working on something else, he didn't want to disturb them! Or maybe they were just shy? That could be it too. The man in the fireplace had definitely seemed a little skittish. Maybe he was new? Poor fellow! He had a mind to come back later that night and try to talk to him, just a little--maybe get him to come out so he could help the man feel better, maybe even offer him some advice. After all, he was an old hand at this business now!

Humming cheerfully, (the tune of "This Is Halloween", of course; that was the most favored song of all back home) Jack had gone to investigate the library's offerings, curious but finding nothing that immediately attracted his attention. Poking his head back out, he noticed a lovely lady ghost--how had he missed that before?--and called out a cheery greeting--she too ignored him though, much to his disappointment--in fact, she was walking away entirely, back towards the Grand Room. She must be busy, if she didn't even hear him! She was walking towards the Grand Room so purposefully, too.... He supposed he shouldn't bother her. Maybe she was going to go talk to the fireplace man, or the shadows? Well, they seemed to live here, so no doubt they'd be more sociable with each other than a visitor, even one who had lost their way. What a shame!

The Dawn Room was entered next, and the colored globes admired with considerable; Jack tried to catch one and pull it down for closer inspection. "How curious!" It did nothing but slip through his bony fingers though, insubstantial light that tinted his bones and suit nicely. Not being able to touch it was a disappointment.... Still, he supposed every place had their tricks, right? Those hadn't been out during the daytime, after all. Maybe they were will-o-wisps! That would explain it. Ha! "I'm very sorry if I bothered you!" He called back, starting to climb the stairs. The East Hallway had nothing of interest, though he did spy a nice gallery.... It wouldn't hurt to take a quick break to look at some artwork, would it? Jack headed in, curious to see what kind of paintings there were.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 002, #ghosts, jack skellington (nightmare before xmas), rubedo/gaignun jr. (xenosaga), sally (nightmare before christmas)
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