gin_no_kishi (gin_no_kishi) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Graveyard Shift (Active/Open)

Characters: Zero Kiryuu, Zetsu, Kallen, open
Setting: Moving through Morgue, Surgery Room and Cemetary
Time: Day 003 afternoon
Summary: A vampire searching for clues among the dead. Stealing of drugs and attempted grave robbery may follow.
Warnings: none so far
It shouldn't have been surprising that the house had been expanded once more. Everything seemed quite possible when it came to the mansion, reality had no grasp here. Though, the way it had decided, if you could call it that, to grow has been unexpected. Zero would have thought it would build more rooms to accommodate it's residents, which seemed to become ever more.

The hunter could hear them above him, vaguely, his sharpened senses picking up multiple heartbeats. His hunger was niggling at him, making him all to aware of the living, but he could easily ignore it for now. What probably would have freaked out others had actually been a blessing for him. The blood spewing faucet had saved him from a fall to madness, tasteless as it was. He could have done without that skinless thing though.

In any case, the house's newest addition was about as tasteless as lukewarm blood. Who kept a fucking cemetery under the house? Never mind a morgue and a fully equipped surgery room?
...probably whoever had skinless people in their bathtube, a burned man in their fireplace, monsters in the hallways and living shadows in their bedrooms.
Why was he even surprised?

Zero sighed softly as he walked silently through the dark hallway, back towards the rooms, feet sure on the uneven ground. At first the Curved Hallway had been a shock, one that had chased shivers down his spine and made him reluctant to move on. He still did not feel comfortable about walking here, shivers chasing down his spine which weren't all due to the moist, cold air. This place was horrible, through and through. But he just couldn't sit around any longer. The hunter did not have much hope for discovering a way out any time soon, but doing nothing and just waiting...that wouldn't get him any where either. This place was as good as any other to start a investigation on. Working with the dead...well, it couldn't be so much different than working against the undead. One step at a time. Even if his snooping yielded no results he could, at least, seal the hallways and the stairs.

He did not fancy the thought of Night of the Living Dead come evening.
Tags: !complete, !day 003, kiryuu zero (vampire knight), koukuzi kallen (code geass), zetsu (naruto)
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