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And when you go chasing rabbits... Complete

Characters: Alice, Rain.
Setting: Daffodil Room
Time: Day 001, Early Afternoon
Summary: Alice goes exploring, and questions her sanity along the way.
Warnings: None, yet.

Alice had never much liked the color yellow.

Admittedly, variations of it, like gold, or a pale and mellow version weren't so bad, but there was just something about bright and obnoxious cheery yellow that was anything but cheery. In fact, Alice was quite certain that if you were surrounded by it long enough, you would go mad. Or maybe worse, you'd find yourself beaming maniacally and ending all of your sentences, no matter how devoid of joy, with exclamation points! Life is horrible! Umbrella has not only screwed me over, but the lives of thousands as well! Not to mention, I'm in a house full of people I don't even know, and the majority of them may or may not be insane! Golly!

Yeah, she really loathed the color yellow. Actually, so far, there wasn't anything she didn't loathe in this house. The odd rooms, the feeling that no matter where she went or what she did, somebody was watching her, the fact that so far Zetsu had been right and there was no way out of here... But this room had to be the one to take the cake so far in her tour of the house. Eyes narrowed against the harsh glare of the walls, the blonde took her time in looking around. Just because she wanted out of here didn't mean she was going to be sloppy.

A smirk flitting across her lips as she picked up the toy rabbit from the bed, an old lyric lazed through her mind. 'And when you go chasing rabbits, and you know where you're going to fall...' Alice had always wondered if she had been named after the storybook character considering her mother had quite a few things that referenced to the works, the Jefferson Airplane vinyl being one of them.

She certainly felt like she had fallen down the rabbit hole. What was that the Cheshire Cat had said? Remembering it, she gave an unamused wry grin, that could have passed for a grimace.

"We're all mad down here."

It seemed like this house certainly was driving her mad, if she already wasn't. Was she the only one to notice how odd things were? The feelings, the fact that even though she knew an hour or two must have passed in her exploration that from what she could tell through the windows, that time hadn't seemed to move at all?

'How do you know I'm mad?' She thought, going back to the storybook, before her grin/grimace widened as she answered herself out loud. "You must be. Or you wouldn't have come here."
Tags: !complete, !day 001, alice abernathy (resident evil), rain ocampo (resident evil)
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