Akasuna no Sasori (marionettewaltz) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Akasuna no Sasori

Artistic Repairs [Active, Closed]

Characters: Sasori and Suigintou
Setting: Tin Bedroom
Time: Day 002
Summary: Sasori has repaired Suigintou, and left her to wake up whenever.
Warnings: Sasori and Suigintou

The repairs hadn't been particularly difficult. A few cracks here, a tear or two there, nothing he hadn't fixed a thousand times before on himself and his puppets. He worked with his usual care, showing patience he didn't have for other tasks, using it as a chance to see just how Suigintou was put together. Whoever made her, he decided, seemed to know what they were doing.

They were nothing compared to him, of course, but no one was. He finished sewing up her dress and placed her with surprising delicacy farther back on the table, before he went back to making modifications to one of his other puppets.

His work was never done.
Tags: !day 002, akasuna no sasori (naruto), suigintou (rozen maiden)
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