Red (adventurous_red) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Versus Dollsy [Active/Closed]

Characters: Lorenzo, Red
Setting: Entrance
Time: Late afternoon/dusk
Summary: Lorenzo and Red enter the Grand Pokemon Center Dollsyhouse
Warnings: None so far

Red stood in the doorframe, a red and white ball in one hand and a red device in the other. This was the most grand Pokemon Center he'd ever been to, that's for sure. Most Centers were pretty straightforward - the nurse's counter was always in plain view from the door. Some of them weren't even bigger than one room.

"Celadon's done some remodeling," the young trainer mused. He stepped forward into the entry room, intent on finding a staff member. While he wasn't in too much of a hurry, Snorlax had taken a bit of a beating during Red's last battle, leaving the giant with just half of his health. A normal trainer probably wouldn't have worried, but Red had been getting ambushed pretty frequently by over-enthusiastic trainers wanting to take on the champion.

So Pokemon Center it was! Red kept walking into the room, marvelling at the decorations. Whoever built this center had money, and they wanted everyone to know it. The marble floor, the cherry table topped with a vase of forget-me-nots, all leading to what looked like a much grander room left Red pretty impressed.

The young trainer hadn't even left the entryway before he heard a noise behind him. Curiosity aroused, he turned around to look at who he presumed to be another trainer. This man looked twice as old as Red was, and his clothes were pretty out there. 'He looks pretty confident,' Red thought, "so I must be in the right place!"; This man must've been an experienced trainer, probably one who lived in Celadon and knew about this grand building. The young champion extended his arm. "Heya! I'm Red, what's your name?"
Tags: !day 003, *moving around, lorenzo belli (haunting ground), red (pokémon)
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