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Jonouchi Katsuya

Ninjamon! Gotta train 'em all! [Complete]

Characters: Zetsu, Jonouchi
Setting: Two Door Bedroom
Time: Night 002, late night
Summary: Jono gets some 1 on 1 instruction from his mentor
Warnings: Subtext!

Jonouchi was far from his usual high spirits. Intentionally eating light, going long periods between meals, and sleeping lightly for fear of monster attacks, he was far from being at one hundred percent, or even seventy percent. Still, it wasn't all bad news. His stomach was finally adjusting to his modified eating schedule, and the hunger pangs were going away. On top of that, his strict training regimen had left his body in good shape, and he was continually improving on his chakra usage! Though it still took him a moment to get 'in the zone', calling on the stuff hardly took any effort at all anymore. Before long, it wouldn't take any effort at all - and after that, it wouldn't be long before he could do it almost instantaneously. All in all, Jonouchi had a lot to be glad about, despite being worried about monsters breaking down the door.

The duelist actually felt he was almost doing too well. He had expected his chakra training to take a lot longer. At this point, it was necessary to continue, but was becoming dull and monotonous. He had tried breaking up the monotony by shuffling and going through his deck. Treating the cards lovingly, using the techniques his last mentor had taught him, Jonouchi would leaf through his cards, trying to think of new dueling strategies, new ways he could try and take down Kaiba and Yugi. It was a good time killer at first, but the blond found his heart just wasn't in it. He was a duelist, that was sure. He would always be a duelist. It was now that he realized for the first time that being a duelist wasn't a solo affair. To be a duelist, first and foremost, one required someone to duel against. Without the competition, without a threat keeping him sharp, Jonouchi might be a duelist, but he hardly felt like one.

Without his passion to distract him and with his training regimen starting to wear thin, the blond's only course of action was clear - he had to go find Zetsu and start the next stage of his training. It sounded simple, but the fact was that there were monsters and ghosts between him and that goal - enough to end his life a few times over. Slipping into his sneakers, Jonouchi sat on the edge of his bed, lunch bread in one hand, and his knife a short way from the other on his bed. First, he'd get up his strength. Once he did that, he'd just have to take his chances. He couldn't always be relying on Zetsu. At some point, he'd have to be able to brave the halls on his own. Doing so on an empty stomach, however, still seemed like a bad idea.
Tags: !complete, !night 002, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), zetsu (naruto)
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