Tony Tony Chopper (someonecalladr) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Tony Tony Chopper

Where's the green materia when you need it? [Active, Open]

Characters: Red XIII, Tony Tony Chopper, and more?
Setting: The Greenhouse
Time: Day 003, before the greenhouse gets locked off
Summary: A curious (if scared) Chopper follows his collar line
Warnings: Furries everywhere!

Chopper found himself hurrying down the stairs from the second floor, tiny hooves tapping against the ground as the diminutive deer hurried along. Having recovered from the shock of having a collar around his neck, he followed the trail he could see from it with a mix of curiosity, apprehension, and just a bit of fear. The house had a history of being alright in the day (at least, it was the day before), but the deer wasn't the type to take this sort of shock easy. It did bring him a little comfort that he wasn't the only one who'd been collared in his sleep. Whatever was going on, he wasn't in it alone. Still, he had no idea who - or what - would be at the other end of the blue trail.

He made his way through the hallway and into the grand room, stopping in the middle for a moment as the line made a sharp turn. Taking a second to gather all his courage, he nodded to himself and headed into the large greenhouse, looking around the rows and rows of plants. He allowed himself to be distracted for a moment as he glanced about - there were lots of different things growing here. With a little luck, there might even be ingredients for some of his medicines! With a little more luck, there might even be ingredients for his rumble balls! It couldn't hurt to check, but for now he kept his focus on looking for the other end of the line. Animal intuition told him he was getting close - he just had to keep at the search.
Tags: !day 003, red xiii/nanaki (final fantasy vii), tony tony chopper (one piece)
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