Mewtwo (replicat) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Wild MEWTWO Appeared! [Open, Active]

Characters: Mewtwo, other?
Setting: Entrance Hall, Grand Room, Other
Time: Day 003, Afternoon (Before Red and Lorenzo arrive, if no one minds)
Summary: ...wild MEWTWO appears! Anyone wanna 'catch' him?
Warnings: Mewtwo is a pissy bastard, otherwise none so far.

Mewtwo slipped. How had he slipped?! This occupied him as he lay on the cold, smooth floor. How could he slip when he didn't walk?! He opened his eyes... and his supposedly superior intellect got a nasty surprise.

This wasn't his haven. He pushed himself up with one arm, levitating off the ground to study his surroundings. This was a house. A very large house, but a house nonetheless. A human house. He had no business in a place of human habitation--no reason or rhyme or anything of the sort. He hated humans and their abodes. What kind of nonsense had brought him here? Cold anger flooded through him as he took in his surroundings. Marble, mahogany, plaster panelling, a vase of flowers... nice by human standards, but he could think of nothing but ill intent to this, nothing but negative reasons or outcomes and all of them traced back to unscrupulous sources. And yet... he wasn't restrained. And no one was here. Was this some kind of ridiculous joke?! It didn't matter. Regardless of purpose, he wasn't staying. Steeling his mind unnecessarily, he assaulted the huge oak door with a psychic blast and waited to see... as it did nothing.

...? He tried again. The energy was clearly there, he could feel it, slight effort though it was, and yet...

He tried teleporting out.

That didn't work at all.

He tried teleporting to a different spot a few feet away.


How was this possible?!

Moving swiftly out into the hall in telekinetic flight, he inspected variously the piano, the window (was that a cliff?), the fireplace, ceiling, and doorways. He tried blasting away all of them (with the exception of the piano) using Shadow Ball, Psychic, even Psywave. He felt around them with his psychic powers.

Nothing again.

This made him angry. Not just angry, but confounded and infuriated as well--there were layers to Mewtwo's angers, all of them complex, but this had something else in it, something he wasn't going to admit yet. Something that wasn't even going to be considered underneath the rage and sense of violation.

Because secretly, it rattled him.

Flying deeper into the house, the intelligent Pokémon commenced his investigation--he would get to the bottom of this. And then whoever (or whatever) was responsible would either explain or let him go... or pay.

((OOC: ...if... you want to have your character meet Mewtwo, just post for them in this thread and he'll have gone to that part of the house. Yeah.))
Tags: !day 003, kazuhiko yukimi (nabari no ou), mewtwo (pokémon)
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