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Where the Wild Things are (Complete)

Characters: Zetsu, open to anyone else (but knock first! =P)
Setting: Forest Bedroom
Time: Day One, afternoon
Summary: Zetsu claims his den lair bedroom, and Jonouchi doesn't realize it until he interrupts. In spite of their differences, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom; maybe card games really are a universal language....
Warnings: Zetsu.

This place was every bit as odd as Zetsu had imagined it would be. He had spent a long time exploring to his heart's content, merely a shadow of a presence amidst the marble-carved halls and grand rooms, and in general had tried to do his best to not disturb anyone. He had already earned himself enough flak just trying to engage in an ordinary, polite conversation with people that he'd grown heartily tired of the attempt; sometimes, it was just easier to be alone for a while. It certainly seemed that way, at least. And so he had drifted off on his own, to take his strangeness and his eyes and his calm acceptance of their imprisonment--and yes, even his curiosity, in spite of such acceptance--off to take a personal look at where they were. He had combed through just about every room he had found that wasn't occupied, even going so far as to climb partially up stairs that led to the ceiling and peer into a few dusty old trunks in the attic, all of which had proved completely empty. In a way, he supposed it was fitting.

He knew his own internal clock well, and it seldom failed him; if he believed it--thrown off by the perpetual sunshine as it was, which was disorienting in and of itself--then he had to have spent at least a day exploring the entire place carefully, complete with a quick stop at the kitchen to get a meal, which had certainly been long overdue. The window, though, held that the sun was still only climbing high overhead..... He supposed it should be amusing, that time spent in a gilded prison should be so interminable. All the clocks in here even matched the outward passage of time, too; it lent itself to thoughts that either this place had some powerful genjutsu over it, that the nature of the place itself was odd in some way, or that his own senses had somehow, though unlikely, been deceived.

Regardless, he was getting tired, so he had retreated to the bedroom he had found the most comfortable and suited to his own tastes. It was a nice place, all greens and browns of the earth and what flora it could support; even the walls seemed to be painted in mimicry of a forested clearing, and the ceiling was like a pristine night sky, though the stars painted upon it formed constellations he had never seen before. The place had a taste of the wild about it--almost enough so to make him a little homesick. He loved the country he'd come from--the people, the animals, the land itself in all its shifting aspects--and even though he had gone rogue a long time ago, it had never seldom felt farther than it did right now. Maybe if he just made the best of things here, he'd get to see it again soon..... Though somehow, he felt that "maybe" was more the operative word than anything else.
Tags: !complete, !day 001, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), zetsu (naruto)
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