Anita Blake (dead_mans_queen) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Anita Blake

Narcissus in Chains [Active/Open]

Characters: Anita Blake, Rikku
Setting: Grand Room
Time: Day 003, ate evening (after this thread)
Summary: Anita and Rikku find themselves linked together
Warnings: Bitchy Anita action, sexy Rikku action

Her hands were fidgety. No matter how much the animator concentrated, her hands always strayed, wandering along the couch, slowly creeping higher before finally settling at her throat. Her neck had been attacked countless times, yet nothing unsettled her like this.

A collar. Collared like an animal. No explanation as to where it came from; she just woke up and there it was. Even more disturbing was the fact that someone had to have put it there. The idea that a potential threat got so close to Anita as she was sleeping was...frightening, to say the least.

And attached to the collar, a chain leading to this young girl.

The brunette shifted behind the couch, making the chain swing. She wondered if the other girl could feel it, too.

Anita gazed at the girl from a distance, careful not to get too close. She certainly looked harmless, though maybe harmless wasn't the best term. Anita figured "oblivious skank" was a better descriptor - the girl dressed like a skank but seemed too bubbly to notice the message she was sending or even care. Anita rolled her eyes. Ah, to be that optimistic.

Tags: anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), rikku (final fantasy x/x-2)
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