Courtney Crumrin (goblintamer) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Courtney Crumrin

The Witch and the Photographer [Complete]

Characters: Courtney, Mio, anyone else?
Setting: East Hallway, Journey Bedroom
Time: Day 003, not too long after this thread.
Summary: Courtney revisits her old bedroom.
Warnings: N/A

The door was back on, like nothing had happened. Just like all the monsters had disappeared, just like nothing had ever happened.

Opening the door revealed the room to be in working order. Undisturbed... even the bed appeared to have been made. Leaving the door open, she looked around, remembering the first night she spent here... Nanaki and Fiona, a box of food, all the night to tell stories. How long had that night been? Definitely more than three days and two nights. It felt like it had been a month... or was it two months? The darn timeframe was so out of sync that it could have been any time.

"Uncle A, where are you?" she whispered as she sat down on the bed, sighing. "I can't keep doing this. I hate this place, and I..." She put a hand on her forehead, feeling as if the weight of this mansion was bearing down on her. She felt exhausted, and she only just woke up. This place was just draining her.

What did she have to do to escape?
Tags: !complete, !day 003, courtney crumrin (courtney crumrin), mio amakura (fatal frame)
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