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Tricks of a Thousand Flowers [Active; Open]

Characters: Yamamoto, Chrome, ANYONE ELSE it's an open thread gaiz \o/
Setting: Grand Room, various other locations as they wander around~
Time: Day 003, early afternoon, directly after this thread.
Summary: Yamamoto and Chrome explore the house and look for their friends... and also evil mass-murdering superpowered mafioso, what.
Warnings: DERPMAN AND ORGANLESSGIRL! No, really, no warnings now that Hibari is gone.

After everything (aka Hibari) had settled down, there was, of course... a sudden lull. Hibari had decided to go elsewhere, alone -- haha, always such a serious guy, wasn't he? -- leaving Yamamoto and Chrome alone and with no clearer idea of what was going on than before.

They were inside a house now... and it was raining. That was kinda cool, haha! But pretty weird, too. Not that it was raining inside, no. Yamamoto was almost certain, at the moment, that they were still inside the Millefiore base, and that maybe this place was all an illusion; he'd just run into the Phantom Knight, after all. It was weird that, if it was an illusion, that meant the guy was making an illusion of rain when that just gave Yamamoto the upper hand. He was in his element in a place like this, so why...?

Well, he couldn't think of any reason, and standing around worrying and trying to puzzle through things really... really wasn't his style. He smiled at the girl then, sheathing Shigure Kintoki with a friendly grin. "That guy really doesn't like hanging around people, huh?" Yamamoto asked, not really needing any answer at all. "Maybe we should stick together, though. We're probably still in the base, right? We should look for the others!"
Tags: !day 003, !incomplete, chrome dokuro/mukuro rokudo (khr!), jack skellington (nightmare before xmas), machi tobaye (ace attorney), yamamato takeshi(katekyo hitman reborn!)
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