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Even if we are fanservice characters ...bondage do NOT want! [Active/Open]

Characters: Zero, Kallen, open
Setting: Blue Kitchen, beyond to wherever the collars may lead
Time: Day 003, late afternoon/dusk after the Graveyard Shift Thread
Summary: They had just wanted to stock up on food, maybe get in a little nap before night falls. What neither Kallen nor Zero expected was to wake with collars around their throat.
Warnings: Wall of text none so far

It had been with some trepidation that Zero noticed position of the sun, low at the horizon, the light that fell through the windows pale and sickly, when they finally managed to get out of the cellar. Even with they way time was slowed here, it was obvious that the next night would soon be upon them. He was tired and drained, the sealing of the graveyard and morgue had taken more out of him than he expected, the blood provided to him here not as potent as that of the Purebloods that had sustained him so far. He was tired, and he was hungry. For food, and for blood. By they way Kallen had fallen silent, their banter and teasing slowly dying down, and kept a distance to him, she probably saw it too. The hunter wouldn't be surprised that, if he were to look into a mirror, his eyes would not be their normal pale lavender, but a sickly red.

"Let's go get food, we can go find somewhere to sleep and maybe grab a shower after."

He nodded at Kallen's suggestion and led the way. No one was in the room, and he shuffled through the fridge until he found the bottle of blood laced wine he had hidden in the back. He wasn't too fond of the idea of drinking it with alcohol, it was nasty enough to begin with, but he had not known any other way to keep it from congealing. Kallen was resolutely ignoring him, gathering food for the night, as he uncorked the bottle and drank it down. Though, he did catch her smirk at his muttering and gagging at the taste.

"What are you laughing about? You didn't taste much better either..."

That got him a few smacks and, once more, they were yelling at each other. It was becoming a routine, one that was welcome to Zero. Something normal and harmless that allowed him to relax and unwind in this madhouse. It was the only reason he didn't complain too much when Kallen bullied him into making them both tea, while she sat down at the kitchen table. The smell of jasmine was calming, a lot better than the one of rot and perfume that has nearly killed his sense of smell the last few hours.

"Here you ..." Zero trailed off as he turned to face his companion. She had fallen asleep, head pillowed on her arms, breathing even and unruly red hair spilling over her face. The ashen haired boy allowed himself a fleeting smile as he sat her mug down gently, before taking a seat himself. He couldn't blame her that she just fell asleep. They day, hell, the last few weeks had been exhausting. He would let her sleep while he drank his tea and wake her after...just let her rest a few minutes ... ...

Zero didn't even notice as he himself slipped into sleep.


He didn't know how long he had been asleep when he woke, blinking blurry eyes. Huh. Seemed like he had been more tired than he thought. There was a crick in his neck and, muttering and cursing, he reached back, wanting to try and rub it out before it became even more annoying.

The hunter froze as his fingers did not encounter skin, but cool leather and, startled, his other hand flew up, both closing around what was obviously a collar. He jumped to his feet, chair cluttering to the floor, startled and a little bit frightened, fruitlessly tugging at the band around his neck. "What the fuck!?"
Tags: !day 003, !incomplete, kiryuu zero (vampire knight), koukuzi kallen (code geass), rorschach (watchmen)
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