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Edwin Odesseiron

A Room Not Quite Befitting An Archmage Of Thay [Active/Closed]

Characters: Edwin Odesseiron, Anna Marshall.
Setting: Corner Room.
Time: Day 003 late evening, and Night 003.
Summary: Edwin claims the Corner Room, only to be disturbed by Anna.
Warnings: Near-nudity.

Note: If anyone disturbs him it will be a fair few hours after the beginning of the post as it takes 8 hours of napping and reading his little book to do his spells. The earliest I'd want him disturbed is about 10 minutes before the end of the 8 hours.

Edwin grumbled to himself as he heaped his newly acquired bed high with spare duvets and sheets from the store room. This house was ridiculous, its corridors and stairs seemed to lead absolutely nowhere, literally in some places. And it was too cold for his liking, unlike the perfectly controlled climate of his warm homeland. He straightened out the sheets and disrobed after closing the door. Why did only half of these doors seem to have locks in this place? A clear design floor for even the most simple minded of architects!

He wrapped himself up in the sheets while trying not to look too hard at the edge of anything, they seemed to slip away while you did so, and curled his knees up to his chest. He pulled out his spellbook and began to flick through the pages, rememorizing his spells for the morrow dressed only in his linens and his amulet. His robe is neatly hung up in the wardrobe along with his other posessions.
Tags: !day 003, !incomplete, anna marshall (soprano sorceress), edwin odesseiron (baldur's gate)
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