kotegiri_zero (kotegiri_zero) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Imagining My Own Place...

Characters: Zero (MMZ), OPEN
Setting: The Blind Bedroom
Time: Late Afternoon
Summary: Zero claims a room of his own, one fitting for one without need of comfort
Warnings: Probably none; let's find out, shall we?

Small. This was an adjective made flawlessly alive by the room that Zero now found himself standing before, the door swung wide open to give him the full and uninterrupted view.

'Wide open' being an objective term, in this case; even more interesting was that an interupted view of the room could hardly be of any detriment.

Yet Zero seemed completely unphased. In fact, he almost seemed somewhat satisfied with his latest discovery. The others he had met had all set off in different directions to find their own little private space, and so he had done the same, striding off alone without a word. Down the rigid hallways, up the creaking staircase, he had peered in some of the other rooms and found them all to be a little more suited towards the others; they were colorful and more comfortable, something that he could appreciate, but hardly needed. No, this one, plain and simple, was all he needed. It was small and silent, a perfect place for him to find solace and take time to recharge when needed. Of course he seemed satisfied; this was the first time Zero had ever really had a space of his own.

In he walked, his lithe body making a perfect fit for the slim and cozy quarters. He sat himself down on the edge of the bed, his long hair draped across the covers behind him, and glanced off towards the window. Maybe if something else suddenly struck his mood, he would move, but for now, he would make himself 'at home' here.
Tags: !complete, !day 001, honey kisaragi (cutie honey), zero (mega man zero)
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