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Machi shows he knows things. [Active, Open]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Kazuhiko Yukimi
Setting: Cricket Bedroom
Time: Night 003, Onset and Onward
Summary: Machi is damn good at barricading himself. EDIT: Also he learns to juggle and cancer man shows up?!
Warnings: Mild language, possible violence definite violence and character death.

Machi was not going to be caught unawares by nightfall again. Thinking about it, there weren't a lot of places he could hide--even if he found a place like that, there was no guarantee that it'd stay that way overnight (Machi was starting to think of it in terms of night and day, even though 'night' took well over a week, by his count)... and there was no guarantee he'd live long enough to find a place like that to begin with while searching at night. The Cricket Bedroom had held up pretty well the night before, though, (even though it wasn't technically safe) so he decided to set himself up there, checking first to ensure the desk was still relatively near the door where he might be able to move it.

It was.

The pianist prepared methodically, starting in the afternoon and taking several trips from the kitchen to the bedroom and back, shuttling nonperishable food, water, and other necessities in relays while avoiding other people as best he could. Machi knew a lot about food. Survival food had largely been his diet for several years, and he had some knowledge of what was practical to keep over time and what wasn't, what was filling, what was cheap, what was easy to eat, what was inconvenient. Soup, for example, was pretty useless. While some people considered that a convenience and survival food, Machi did not--it wasn't very filling, it was hard to eat, and it wasn't even very pleasant unheated, with heat being a hard to obtain quantity when you didn't have a house... or were simply living out of a bedroom. So. Breads (because he had the time to indulge in that, though it would have to get eaten first), crackers, fruits, tins of preserves, tins of cold meats (unpleasant, but necessary), and other things of that nature were selected out of practicality, although Machi allowed himself the time to pick up some things that were really rather luxuries since money was no object. (It left him feeling oddly guilty, though he couldn't figure out why.) He mostly took bottles of water to drink (a ridiculous amount since water was important), although some bottled juices and cans of coffee were also selected since they didn't necessarily have to be refrigerated and he now had the luxury of choice. Finally, a can opener and some towels were also taken, just in case, along with a pot, some plates and bowls, and a handful of utensils... plus a stolen trash can (he didn't really want to think of using that, though.) There were other odds and ends too, but that mostly did it.

When night finally came around, Machi laboured to push the desk into place against the door, then curled up on the bed to listen to the crickets and wait.
Tags: !character death, !night 003, #monsters, kazuhiko yukimi (nabari no ou), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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