Mewtwo (replicat) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

World-Breaking and Mind-Building [Closed, Complete]

Characters: Mewtwo, Zetsu
Setting: Greenhouse, Maid's Hallway.
Time: Day 003, Later Afternoon (After the thread with Yukimi)
Summary: Mewtwo finds something that surprises him.
Warnings: Mewtwo.

Unsatisfied with Yukimi's answers, Mewtwo blazed through the greenhouse, lapping around the glass-topped structure at a speed generally considered dangerous without at least a helmet. He barely registered that some of the pants were completely alien to him before bursting into the next hallway, having failed to find the source of information he was hypothetically looking for.

A video-game character.

For some reason, that galled him. More than everything else, there was this indignity heaped upon everything else. His rage was visible in the blue glow that surrounded him. He did, however, catch something--a spark, like--of intelligence, suddenly, and swerved through the doorway, blasting into the hallway of the Maid's Quarters where he was suddenly confronted with one of the most confusing things he'd ever seen. It wasn't a human (no human looked like that, with black and white and leaves growing out of him), but it wasn't any Pokémon Mewtwo had ever seen.

Nothing even compared.

[What are you?] he asked in his deep telekinetic voice after a moment's pause, eyes locking in on Zetsu's after taking the initial spectacle in as a whole. The glow disspiated in the wake of his surprise. He would have just taken the answers from the creature's head, if he could have, but that wasn't an option here--though he felt a clear radiation of power at this proximity. What was this Pokémon?
Tags: !complete, !day 003, mewtwo (pokémon), zetsu (naruto)
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