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Saving Private Mion (Active/Closed)

Characters: Mio, Jonouchi, Zetsu, soon Mion and maybe Nana?
Setting: Various!
Time: Night 003, three days in--AKA, after the Maids' Hallway is unlocked.
Summary: Our intrepid heroes set off on a daring search and rescue mission!
Warnings: Zetsu exists. Also, violence.

Needless to say, Zetsu was not a happy camper. He had spent three days locked in a crowded hallway with a dozen other people, with nothing to drink, very little to eat, and (thank Nature and his leaves that at least he hadn't needed to deal with that) no separate place to go to the bathroom, which by then had quite frankly started to make the hallway reek like the Filthy Bedroom. Not only that, but they had been capable of hearing whatever the hell it was that had been going on in the house, screaming and moaning and distant sounds of battle.... Not so much unnerving as just plain frustrating and confusing. He needed to see, needed to know what they would face if they were able to get back in there, needed to be prepared.... And once the door had finally come unlocked to the greenhouse, it had turned out to be a wild deathtrap of impressive proportions. A shame that he sort of felt sorry for the plants in there--he knew exactly how they felt, how hungry they must be.... and besides, they didn't deserve to be twisted into such strange, sinister forms as these. This wasn't what they were naturally, and no doubt they had no choice in the matter--plants rarely did, in anything.

Once they had gotten into the main house, the fun was hardly over; now, they got to see what all the screaming had been about. Zombies. Fucking zombies. And then there were ungodly things that looked like they should have been human, had they not been twisted and altered and mutated so thoroughly--they immediately called to mind Orochimaru's work, and that was unsettling in the extreme. Starved and weakened as he was, he would have liked little better than to rip into one of the non-rotting specimens and had his fill, (He wondered how Zero was doing, and Kallen--the damned greenhouse had prevented him from meeting up with either of them,) but knew that was an impossible wish--not only would his companions probably be revolted, but there was simply no time, not with so many zombies everywhere.... It didn't look as though there were any safe places at all. Mio had, quite understandably, been worried about her collar partner, as Zetsu had been for his.... He had agreed to help her look for Mion though, since he could always find Fiona himself.

They had set out soon after; Zetsu had given Jonouchi and Mio enough knives to ensure that they both had two each, in case they were needed, and rather than use kunai himself, had pulled out a scroll and summoned a pair of katanas that he hadn't used seriously in a long while. He had considered using clones, but decided against it; while they would have been more effective in protecting Jonouchi and Mio, that wasn't as effective in terms of the resources they had. He didn't know if there would be ghosts tonight, so they needed that filament to react only to other presences.... Besides, she would probably instinctively dismiss the clones with her camera, and he didn't want to waste the chakra to keep remaking them.

So Zetsu took the point position, blades in hand, and settled into a well-worn pattern of animal wariness and unrestrained violence. Was it moving towards them? Did it look like a normal resident? If not, then he would slaughter it as soon as it came close enough, as merciless and unaffected as the code of conduct could have wished. He was quickly getting splattered with gore, and more slowly accumulating wounds to match--his cloak shielded him from lighter injuries, but even that defense was starting to wear thin, as there were claws and teeth that could get right through the fabric to tear away at his body itself. Nevertheless, the adrenaline was helping him to ignore the pain, and they were making progress--slowly, but progress nonetheless, considering the monsters that had to be fended off, and the fact that only Mio could tell them where to go. Hopefully Mion would have the same idea and try coming to them, too....
Tags: !incomplete, !night 003, #monsters, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), mio amakura (fatal frame), mion sonozaki (higurashi), nana (elfen lied), zetsu (naruto)
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