Alexander (commabrows) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Time to raise a little hell [Complete/Closed]

Characters: Alexander and whoever wants to come say hi.
Setting: Entrance
Time: Night 003
Summary: Alex arrives and gets a little preoccupied with the damn door, completely unaware of any other potential danger.
Warnings: Language, maybe?

Alexander was none too pleased. This was to be expected after waking up in some weird-ass mansion you didn't know. It certainly wasn't part of his Netherworld so maybe it was someone else's? But then, who had brought him here? Whoever it was, that person was in for some serious ass-kicking if Alex found them. It was sad someone was actually foolish enough to incur the God of Destruction's wrath.

Though if he could walk the hell out of here that'd be fine too. He could just blow this place up once he was out! Yes, that seemed like a perfect idea. There was a door nearby and Alex was quick to try the handle only to find it didn't budge. Well fine, that was no problem. If they seriously thought a locked door was going to keep him in then Alex was about to prove them wrong.

With a confident expression he drew back his fist. Not only was the punch of an Overlord already packed with an enormous amount of power, Alexander's happened to be charged with electricity too. He brought it down on the door swiflty, watching it as it was about to be blown into beautiful little pieces! And--

It didn't. It wasn't even scratched!

The God of Destruction could only gape at it as the sparks of electricity ran along the door's length and disappeared. Not leaving a single mark. "-the hell?!" Something was seriously wrong with that door. A...magical barrier. That had to be it. Still, with enough effort any barrier could be broken and now Alex was more determined to do so then ever.

He took a few steps back, rubbing his sore knuckles as he went, and stopped once he was a satisfactory distance away. He then summoned his drums. This was going to be easy.

"I'm going to show you who's boss!"
Tags: !complete, !night 003, alexander (makai kingdom), chrome dokuro/mukuro rokudo (khr!)
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