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Machi Tobaye

Animal or Vegetable? [Incomplete, Closed]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Itsuki Koizumi
Setting: Catacombs, Morgue
Time: Day 003, Unknown Afternoon
Summary: Machi finds a morgue, Koizumi finds a morgue, Raile does some backlog because it's been bugging the HELL out of him.
Warnings: Some creepiness.

Machi spent most of the 'day' playing the piano--he'd noticed the new room in the study from the hallway, but failed to enter it for quite a while, lacking the energy or interest required for investigation. Eventually, however, it got the better of him and he did, discovering (to his bemusement) a nursery filled with soft toys and a crib. He also discovered a new staircase, and wherever it led to, it was very... dark. Blind-dark.

Machi had experience with navigating as though he couldn't see, though he almost didn't actually go down there--he had played the part of blindness for years, though, sometimes navigating with his eyes shut to be more convincing when he was on his own or needing to use his hands and ears to lead him when there was not enough light to be able to see through his sunglasses. He drifted left in spite of himself, touching the wall lightly with his small hands. The surface was hard. Hard, cold, and rough, like... like the inside of a cave or maybe a mountain, though he didn't have any estimates to give after that. Small, careful steps took him down the stairs and into the passageway, slow progress--he belatedly wondered if there was an end, or if he was perhaps blindly working his way into an eternal tunnel or walking towards something so horrible he couldn't even see it before it got to him. He felt his way along using his hands and feet and the rest of his body, listening silently in a way that couldn't explicitly be taught to help with the echoes. The pianist was seriously having misgivings about the endeavour by the time he found the door, fumbling with it before it opened into... a harshly lit and completely unknown kind of room.

...what? Even with sunglasses, Machi felt like he'd just been blinded and he had to squint (but not turn away, he'd lost that habit) for a long time before he could readily see anything. This was... different.

He investigated the morgue with a sense of morbid curiosity, a sort of quiet fascination that prompted him (uncharacteristically) to take his sunglasses off and set them aside on a table (used for cutting bodies open? Machi wasn't sure, but there were tools in the cabinets that made him imagine such things) so he could get a better look at things for a while. There was no one there but him, and he... well, he'd hear anyone before they reached the room. Somehow he didn't really care, though. It was so quiet here. Quiet and horrible. But he couldn't stop himself. Jack's positive emotions battled his for dominance in the absence of the piano, and he let the combined internals take over, abandoning control. Eventually he worked his way over to the steel rows, taking hold of a random handle firmly.


Machi thought he was going to be sick when he found the first corpse, instantly recognising the shape of the covered form and freezing in horror, but no--he was almost fine after the initial shock, disbelief and shock rooting him in place for an unknown amount of time before he reached out and actually touched it. It was so cold... a sick feeling ran through the pianist's body. He peeled back the sheet slowly, revealing the cadaver's upper body and face and experiencing a strange kind of surprise. It was so... clean. (He'd never seen a dead body that was so clean.) Silently, he traced his sensitive fingers along the sutures where it had been cut open, numb with mixed revulsion and fascination.

Apparently his life's events had left him more prepared for this than he'd thought.
Tags: !day 003, !incomplete, koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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