Abarai Renji (hoerozabimaru) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Abarai Renji

what a twist [complete/closed]

Characters: Abarai Renji [hoerozabimaru], Asano Keigo [hollowphobic]
Setting: the Entrance
Time: idk daytime
Summary: Renji and Keigo arrive. Hijinks ensue.
Warnings: Swearing

"-ah!" Renji's statement finished off in surprise as he fell backwards and landed promptly on his ass. On a marble floor when he had expected to land on sand. He stared up, shocked, at the plaster ceiling of the room and wasn't too sure what had just happened. Renji had just been breaking down a wall with Ichigo, and then he'd stepped forward and- well he'd slipped, weirdly enough, and now he was..

Was this beyond the wall? "Hey, Ichigo! Where the hell'd you go?!" He called out, his hands moved to push his body off the ground and stand. His fingers tightened around Zabimaru, and immediatly something felt wrong. Everyone's reiatsu had disappeared. Rukia, Ichigo, Chad, and Ishida couldn't be felt anywhere, and it set Renji on edge. He turned and looked, and he stopped as he spotted a large oak door behind where he'd originally appeared. Quickly he stepped over to it and gave the handle a tug.

Nothing. His eyes narrowed and he yanked on the handle again, but the door wouldn't budge. He growled and tried to shove his sword through the door, and surely the door would give way to his blade. A poor assumption to make as the door stood firm and the vibration of the impact sent Renji backwards, arm shaking furiously. "Damnit.. What the hell kind of door.."

He turned away from it after the tingling in his wrist subsided, and tried to look down the hall. "HELLO?" He called out again, his steps slow and deliberate as he took a defensive pose to begin his exploration. "Rukia! Ichigo! Is anyone there!?"
Tags: !complete, !day 003, abarai renji (bleach), asano keigo (bleach)
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