Edward Elric (failed_alchemy) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Edward Elric

O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Active/Open]

Characters: Edward Elric, possibly Alfons Heiderich, and whoever wants to tag along.
Setting: Primarily the second floor--starts in the floating hallway
Time: Night 003, midnight. Or thereabouts.
Summary: Ed is on a quest to find his brother. But tonight, he can't help but start feeling...a little odd to say the least.
Warnings: Violence, strong content, plot teasing, and Ed's mouth.

The double-bladed halberd he had transmuted was singing as he swiped it through the hair, ending in dull thunks as the blades cut through rotted flesh and bone. Wherever these things had come from, they were not getting in his way. Not now, not tonight, not ever. Especially when Al was gone.

He had turned his back for what seemed like only a second, while he had been bandaging Alfons's arm after a stray vine had cut into him viciously. It needed stitches, but Ed hadn't been confident enough in his own knowledge to try to try to do it himself. Not to mention, there wasn't really any time to do such a task. Not when everything had been going to hell all around them.

And then Al...

Al had disappeared.

This time he had been there, and his younger brother had still ended up separated from him...and possibly hurt somewhere, or spirited off as he had been previously.

He broke out of his reverie to realize that the hallway they had just entered was a dead end.

"God dammit!" he screamed, throwing his halberd at the far wall in his anger. It bounced off the defiant wall and clattered to the floor.

Now what? Head back? Through more half-rotted, grinning corpses shambling after him? What then? He had gone through this place top to bottom, and...nothing. No sign of Al. Not even a shred of clothing.

He shivered, suddenly, holding his arms to himself in an attempt to warm up. A drastic drop in temperature? What now? Ghosts?
Tags: !incomplete, !night 003, alfons heiderich (fullmetal alchemist), edward elric (fullmetal alchemist), mio amakura (fatal frame)
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