Mio Amakura (lingeringscent) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Mio Amakura

Open Wounds [Complete]

Characters: Mio Amakura, Jonouchi Katsuya
Setting: Copper Bathroom
Time: Night 003
Summary: With their medic-nin MIA, Mio looks to Jonouchi to take care of her injuries.
Warnings: None?

Mio really wished Zetsu hadn't abandoned their little group. She found herself feeling increasingly worried for the older man's safety, wanting nothing more to find that he was at least okay (she was starting to feel increasingly worried about him, like something was wrong, but couldn't explain why) and even selfishly wanting to cling to him and cry about the injuries she'd been receiving. She hated to admit to how self-centered she could be, but she wanted what anyone wanted - to have someone to hug her and tell her it was okay, that everyone dealt with things like this, that she would live through this and be stronger for it. There were already bandages wrapped around one leg, something had even managed to leave a nasty cut on her face. Fortunately it was only her cheek, but it still hurt.

Now her arm was added to the list. Not just her arm, the palm of her hand had been damaged as well. It would probably be needing to be bandaged all the way up to the forearm. She sniffled a little, setting down the First-Aid kit on the toilet with her good hand, before walking back over to the sink, beginning to wash the injuries and flinching more than a few times. Looking back to Jonouchi, who had been kind enough to accompany her due to the circumstances, she spoke up quietly, "Jonouchi? Could...you help me with this?" She started to raise her arm before letting it drop back under the running water. "I-I need someone to help me clean and dress it..." She knew enough about first aid to be able to take care of her own wounds, but it would be difficult due to the placement on her dominant hand. Similarly, she wasn't looking forward to the pain that disinfectants would would bring, but it was a necessary evil. She couldn't let it keep bleeding, nor could she risk it getting infected.
Tags: !complete, !night 003, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), mio amakura (fatal frame)
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