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The Vampire's Lair [open, active]

Characters: Kiryuu Zero, open
Setting: Dark Bedroom
Time: Early Afternoon
Summary: Zero finds himself a fitting place to crash
Warnings: None

What the hell was wrong with this place?
How long had he been here? It felt like forever. Zero was sure than more than a hours had to have passed, maybe a day even, yet the sun was still up, yet had barely moved from it's position in the sky, (he had dozed off in the Grand Room at one point, a blunder he was still embarrassed about)and hunger was already nagging at this intestines. And it wasn't the hunger that could be satisfied with a quick trip to the kitchen, something he had done, surprised to find it fully stocked. Honey hadn't eaten everything after all. Well, maybe she just had been pulling their leg after all.
He had wandered through the hallways after, coming upon some very strange things. Whoever had build this had outdone theirselves in making one room more weird than the next. Zero had heard others in a few rooms, but had steered clear of them. None of them had sounded familiar and he did not feel up to meeting any new faces. Not the way he was now. When he could smell them and his teeth were aching. Later. The pangs would pass. They weren't bad yet. He could already feel the seal working, suppressing the change. He just needed some rest, the last days were getting to him.
And he needed to be out of the sun.
He had wandered onto the second floor and on a whim opened the first door he came across.
Darkness greeted him.
A cursory search for the light switched yielded no results, not that Zero needed it that badly. He stepped into the room after a moments hesitation and closed the door behind himself. Just the barest glow of light was left, fighting its way through the heavy drapes over one window, enough to let him see perfectly. A bedroom, dark and tasteful. There was another door, which led to a closet that contained nothing more than some pajamas.
Hm, well...
Zero divested himself of his tie and jacket, before letting himself fall back onto the soft covers of the bed.
Might as well claim this room for his own.
Tags: !complete, !day 001, kiryuu zero (vampire knight)
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