OU!Momomiya Ichigo (sutorobell) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
OU!Momomiya Ichigo

Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty... [Open/Active]

Characters: Ichigo, anyone else who wants to come pet the kitty say hello
Setting: The Entrance
Time: Day 004
Summary: Ichigo arrives and, true to form, she freaks out. Kitten shenanigans are had.
Warnings: Depends on who shows up, but I can't see any at the moment.

It had been the usual slip- Lettuce, nervous as usual, had dropped one of the cakes, a stain of icing dulling the normally clean marble floor. In a rush to get orders to impatient customers, Ichigo darted past, put her foot into the offending slick, and promptly met with cruel gravity as it pushed her to the ground.

The fall was too low for her to have landed on her feet, yet somehow, she did, right in front of a strange door in a strange room she could honestly say she couldn't recall being in before. For a moment or two, Ichigo just stared at it; tried to open it, groaned a little when it didn't budge. She had to take a deep breath. Had to stay calm.



Another deep breath, and... panic.

Flailing slightly, she pulled at the door again, to no avail. Her eyes darted rapidly around the room, taking in it's unfamiliar surroundings before back to the door. Room, door. Room, door. Back and forth so often she had barely registered that her perspective had dropped by several feet until she reached for the knob a third- or was it sixth? She had lost count- time, only to find tiny paws reaching hopelessly up towards the suddenly large, far-off knob.

Ichigo looked at them desperately, hoping she wasn't seeing what she was seeing. Was she... a cat? Had there been anything for her to look into, she would have seen that where the scared 14-year-old had been minutes ago now sat a jittery black kitten, the bell around it's neck tinkling with an eerie sound in the silence of the room.

This couldn't be happening.

Tags: !day 004, !incomplete, ikari shinji (neon genesis evangelion), jack skellington (nightmare before xmas), minsc (baldur's gate), momomiya ichigo (tokyo mew mew)
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