Mewtwo (replicat) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Almost Familiar Faces [Active, Closed for Now]

Characters: Mewtwo, Red, Red's Pikachu
Setting: Greenhouse, East Hallway, More?
Time: Day 004, after Mewtwo part ways with Mio and Zetsu
Summary: Mewtwo meets a Pokémon, a trainer, and then... helps them?
Warnings: Mewtwo.

After his unexpected encounter with Mio and Zetsu, Mewtwo found himself back in the greenhouse again; he floated halfway between the impenetrable roof and earthen ground, his arms folded and eyes purple narrowed, staring up at the sky through the glass. Being captured bothered him--it made him tense and aggressive, short of patience--moreso than usual, even, tearing into his limited range of understanding and interaction with others. Experimentally, he threw his arm out, smashing into the glass with a telekinetic attack, but it performed as expected, yielding nothing. ... ugh.

Mewtwo knew he was the most powerful being ever created... he could not conceive of danger to himself. He was concerned by what he'd just seen, though--that an otherwise relatively powerful Pokémon like Zetsu could be felled by the monsters this house... generated (he'd come to think of it as a living thing, as an entity separate from anything else) was... almost disconcerting, although not quite. It frustrated him, however--what was the reason for this? Why were they here? What had chosen them? Why? He could not answer these questions and they grated at him.

Tags: !day 004, mewtwo (pokémon), red (pokémon)
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