Larxene (mercurialectric) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Amidst the Gravestones [Active, Open]

Characters: Larxene, anyone else
Setting: Cemetary
Time: Day 004, afternoon
Summary: Larxene explores.
Warnings: Larxene

She had seen the cemetary the day before, but Larxene had not had time to explore it. Now, with the collar thankfully absent, she felt free to wander down into the depths of the house. And a cemetary beneath this house--well, she couldn't say it was out of place. The mausoleum in its center was of momentary interest, but as it didn't open, she moved amongst the gravestones, looking for names and not finding any.

There was nothing of particular interest here, but she felt there should be something more. Perhaps because this was where the monsters came from. Maybe she was just bored.

Tags: !day 004, larxene (kingdom hearts), selim bradley/pride(fullmetal alchemist)
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