Zero (glowypumkinnose) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig...

Characters: Rikku, Zero, Suiguintou
Setting: Curved Hallway/Catacombs
Time: Day 004, Early Afternoon
Summary: Zero decides to explore the house on his own, and gets distracted by some treats, and other things.
Warnings: None. (Yet.)

Having stuck as close as he could to Jack and/or Sally over the last few weeks, Zero had lately taken to hiding out where ever and whenever he could when night came, going into a deep sleep, almost coma sort of state to wait out the darkness. Being dead had it's perks when it came to waiting! But now that the sun was back up, he had chosen to wander away from his owner for a while to explore the house himself. Zero had been delighted when he had found the catacombs, something he had somehow overlooked before. It reminded him so much of home!

Currently floating in the Curved Hallway, the ghostly canine growled to himself as he floated upside down near the ceiling, ghostly paws working at digging out one of the bones in the ceiling. While the dirt around the bones wasn't moving a bit, the particular bone he was currently working on was budging bit by bit, small clumps of dirt falling to the hallway floor every now and then. If Zero had a tail, it would be wagging. As such, his hind end was fluttering in a decidedly cheerful way, while his long ears were perked up, and his nose was happily glowing. Now, if he could just get this bone...
Tags: !day 004, rikku (final fantasy x/x-2), suigintou (rozen maiden), zero (nightmare before christmas)
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