Lorenzo Belli (returntoyouth) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Lorenzo Belli

Wake up [Complete]

Characters: Lorenzo Belli, Alphonse Elric, Zetsu a little later
Setting: Blind Bedroom
Time: Night 003, just after Versus Monsters
Summary: Alphonse kept Lorenzo from cutting Zetsu's hands off, but doesn't stop him from getting panic-inducing healing pills.
Warnings: Contains Lorenzo and Zetsu. God help us all.

Lorenzo couldn't remember feeling quite this angry in a long time. Even Riccardo's dealings hadn't quite done the trick, at least he had been able to quickly and easily deal with that problem. The one presented before him had been and continued to be a little more complex. He'd had to carry a grown man up the stairs (bastard was lucky he didn't get dragged up THOSE too) and then drag him down a few hallways just to get to his room, but of course the fun hadn't stopped there. Oh no, in addition to the zombies and experiments there were now some...creatures that almost resembled humans, but with hands that were too long and large hands and vertical slits for mouths on their chests.

The alchemist had not been amused dealing with all that, but at least they had gotten to the bedroom...relatively unharmed in his case. He was becoming slightly frustrated with this new found difficulty about simply leaving people behind as well. He had no qualms with killing his own "children", and although he needed to see if this unconscious man was a kinsman or not, why should these kids be any different? Why did it evoke such an emotional reaction in him? Even if that emotion was just anger, it was frustrating and he didn't like it, it would cause trouble later on.

Just like leaving the plant man alive would, just like leaving his hands on would. He couldn't very well kill him - not yet, anyway, but certainly he couldn't be left to run around children and whoever else he so chose. Yet for some reason he hadn't, couldn't bring himself to go against Alphonse's demands that the punishment not even be served, worse, he had to waste his pills to heal this man. One more frustration, since when did he start taking orders from kids? Letting out an exasperated sigh, he'd settled for dropping the plant man in a corner in an upright position, glaring at him from a distance, knife in hand, seeming fully prepared to shove the blade into one of those leaves of his at the slightest twitch if he saw it as threatening.

(ooc: I'll...edit in with whatever happened with Red later.)
Tags: !complete, !night 003, #ghosts, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), lorenzo belli (haunting ground), zetsu (naruto)
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