Trucy Wright (newright) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Trucy Wright

That Sinking Feeling [Active/Open]

Characters: Trucy, anyone else who happens by
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Day 004, late afternoon
Summary: Trucy shows up and will probably be annoyingly cheerful doing so.
Warnings: None I can think of.

Normally, when someone finds themselves standing in a room they don't recognize in a house that's not their own, the first instinct is usually to try and find out where one is, and maybe even to panic or break down if they can't. The little magician now standing in the Entrance Room isn't quite normal, however.

For a beat, she stood in front of the door, giving the handle a try only to find it did as it does to all who attempt to open it: a whole lot of nothing. A simple realization, of course, and nothing to waste time on. If it wouldn't open the first time, odds are the same would happen the second, third, and thirty-third time. So instead of trying it again, she just turned and walked around the room, looking curiously at this and that as though she hadn't just taken a tumble down a flight of stairs and landed with unusual safety in another building.

"Hellooooo," she called, finding it strange that no one else seemed to be around. The silence was depressing. "Is there anyone here? Hello...~"
Tags: !day 004, lorenzo belli (haunting ground), trucy wright (ace attorney)
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