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I Do Believe In Spooks (Complete)

Characters: Zetsu and Akasuna no Sasori, anyone else?
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Night One, early night
Summary: Zetsu notices that something strange is going on, and decides that checking for back up might be in order.
Warnings: Zetsu and Sasori. Also, monsters. Do I really need to say anything more?

It felt odd to stop in the kitchen so frequently for food when the sun hardly moved in the sky, but Zetsu knew his own body, and he knew when he needed to eat. Besides, the sun had finally set now, days after he was certain it should have. It just felt too wrong to be a single day, no matter what the clocks and sun here said. Still.... Still, the sun was one of the few things he had to go by here, and one of the few things there was to see outside of the window. With that in mind, he had gone upstairs to look out the window, and see if the scenery looked any different cloaked in darkness.

He wished he hadn't at first, if only because a cold chill of nameless dread seized him as he stepped into the hallway off of the stairs. It turned his stomach, and he leaned against the wall for a moment, wondering what on earth was wrong and whether he might not be sick then and there. The feeling that he'd rather not stand around and feel ill motivated him to move on regardless, and he crossed into the main part of the house, smiling a little at the sight of the roses. The next sight, though, robbed him of his smile entirely--what the hell were those things?! And where had they come from?

They looked like little so much as huge, hulking bears of men--if said men had never been born with heads at all, and instead had vertical mouths growing down the entirety of their chests, far larger and more repulsive than Deidara's could ever have hoped to be, and ridiculously long, grasping hands that looked like they could crush solid marble columns with ease. One lumbered towards him--how it saw he was there, he wasn't sure, unless he was sniffed out--and raised a hand threateningly, evidently intending to snatch at his cloak; alarmed and bewildered, Zetsu leapt back and made for the wall, skittering up and onto the ceiling by virtue of a thin coating of chakra on the soles of his sandals. This was highly irregular.....

His Byakugan snapped on, and he turned to see the beasts better, probing with his eyes to see whether there was anything more unusual than their looks to be observed about them. If these things were everywhere, he would certainly prefer not to travel alone.... especially if the night was going to be as long as the day was. With that thought, he turned his mind outward, focusing on the collective entity he knew as Akatsuki and broadcasting his thoughts to them. <If any members of Akatsuki can hear me, please report.>
Tags: !complete, !night 001, #monsters, akasuna no sasori (naruto), zetsu (naruto)
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